Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saying Good Morning

At one of the jobs i had everyone seamed very nice, except one person. She would swear like a sailor, even in front of guest. She was always in a bad mood and didn’t want to do anything for anyone, except her boss. Everyone except her was getting paid too much and didn’t deserve anything extra. I thought to my self, I have to watch what I say or do around her. If I needed something from her, I would simply find another way to get it done.

But despite this, I was nice to her. Each morning as I would walk by her desk I would pleasantly say “good morning”. At first there was a grumble, latter the grumble turned into a sarcastic good morning back, gradually the return good mornings became sincere. I was shocked one day, when returning from a trip she offered to do my expense report for me. She was even pleasant about it. I admit I was some worried about why she was being nice to me.

After a year of working there. I discovered that she is not only being nicer to me but to everyone else. It has probably been months since I herd her swear. I’m not saying that my niceness changed her life and attitude. But I hope it has made a difference. We never know how the little things we do will affect others.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Omega Thoughts

One of the operators at a gas-fired power plant was talking to me today. He said people are like a gas turbine; you have high frequency people and your low frequency people. These people like bad vibration in the turbine, cause lots of problems. If you don’t get them under control it can destroy the turbine. When these frequencies aren’t present, everything runs smooth and we can generate lots of power. This generated power is sent to the homes of thousands of people giving them the power they need to make their life better.

What kind of power a church or other group could create if they all worked together in love and harmony. They could do amazing things. What about our country, we have more wealth than any other country. If we were united we could do so much good. But there is too much politics; our elected officials are too busy battling each other, hoping that putting the other person down will gain them votes.

What about our homes, can’t we at least get along? How many kids and spouses have to go to bed with broken heats. What if we could turn hateful words into words of love and praise?

I remember one as a kid driving with my aunt and cousin. We were listing to a music tape and my cousin ejected it from the tape player. The tape got caught on the on the player door and he was about to break the tape to get it out. I said, “wait” I could see that the tape was just stuck on the player door. I pushed the door back open and saved the tape. As a kid, I was excited that I had saved one of their favorite tapes. My excitement was shattered when my ant turned to my cousin and said, “How many tapes have you ruined”. I couldn’t believe it; she took it as an opportunity to criticize her son. I had done something good and he had done nothing wrong.

Being kind and loving is not difficult. We all want to be loved and accepted. But we just don’t seam to understand, what goes around comes around. Give love and acceptance and you will get it in return. It may take time, but it will come back. I tried to apply this principle in raising my kids and it worked. In my home I seldom, if ever, hear mean or unkind things said by anyone in my family. The amazing thing is that it goes beyond your home. You will soon take it to work and your kids will take it to school.