Sunday, May 4, 2008

Random thoughts about me

My Daughter tagged me so here are the random thoughts about me.

1. I have gray hair and a granddaughter, but don’t feel that old.

2. I have been more blessed than anyone I know, with a good wife and marriage, three wonderful kids, a wonderful son and daughter in-law and the most wonderful granddaughters, (ones still on the way).

3. I always want to help others but am always cautious that, I don’t get taken advantage of, or take away the lesson god is trying to teach them. Sometimes the difficult things we go through are for us to learn important lessons.

4. I have always wanted to wean America and the world of petroleum or the current rapid use of it. It is a limited supply and when we run out, life as we know it will no longer exist. It influences every aspect of our life.

5. There have only been two people in my life that I could not like. One was our downstairs neighbor in collage. He put his kids to bed at 6:00 and we put ours to bed at 8:00. In a very self righteous way he let the entire neighborhood and church group know how horrible we were. The other was an attorney. Nothing against attorneys, I have a lot of very good friends who are attorneys. But this guy was such a snake. There have been a few more that I have simply chosen not to like.

6. I’m a reformed hick. I grew up in a very small town less than 500 people even now. I had a very poor education. I now have a degree in Physics and work as a scientist for a major utility. I will make that a Blog story someday.

7. Someday I’m going to build my own electric hybrid car. I’ve been saying that for 25 years and am not much close than I was then, but still want to do it.

8. My mind is constantly coming up with new ideas but I never have the time or money to try them. I’m hoping that will change with this new job.

9. Four things I worry about happening to the US. I added this, only because I fell we need to be prepared for such things. 1. Another terrorist attack, it would cripple our sagging economy. 2. Large natural disasters, the frequency of natural disasters have been ever increasing, it would be another blow to the economy. 3. Loss of supply of petroleum, this would be a final blow to the economy, we are totally dependent on petroleum. 4. Anarchy, from a failed economy.